Amen Evilution Projekt

this projekt consists in producin tunes usin only one sample, the infamous amen break, to build each part, rythmics,basslines,scapes,synth-like sounds....evryfkinthang! expect strong sound manipulations creating tracks rangin from downtempo to breakcore thru abstract sounds and scapes...if u r interested in participatin to the proj, contact me and submit your tracks!

the sample u can use is THIS

Hyena - (a)Men in Black (26 minutes amen evilution liveset) ----download---- ----stream----

Hyena - Amen Extravaganza Part 1----download---- ----stream---- ----txt---- ----jpg----

Wipeout - Pray For 8 - bit ----download---- ----stream----

Hyena - Amen Migraine ----download---- ----stream---- ----txt----

JeRe - Kitchen'sbreak ----download---- ----stream----

a034 - Amenity ----download---- ----stream----

Kro - AmenKro ----download---- ----stream----

Evil Kitten From Hell - Amen Break Sux ----download---- ----stream----

Bop - Ahmen ----download---- ----stream----

Stalcon.Productions - Ameylonn ----download---- ----stream----

Little Mack - A Me(a)n ----download---- ----stream----

JeRe - Amene toi ----download---- ----stream----

Yopi - Nobel Elbow ----download---- ----stream----

Ssfh - Still Searchin For Amen ----download---- ----stream----

Kel Ded - A men is a men is a men ----download---- ----stream----

Hobert Europe - Ahem ----download---- ----stream----

PBF vs Knar - Amenphetamine ----download---- ----stream----

Little Mack - Mane ----download---- ----stream----

Kel Ded - Bastard son of the shit sun ----download---- ----stream----

SSFH - Still didn't find the Amen ----download---- ----stream----

Skeeter - Amongle ----download---- ----stream----

Wipeout - Like an Amen ----download---- ----stream----

Dr Blood - Destrust your Amen ----download---- ----stream----

Wipeout - Amen in the Hood ----download---- ----stream----

Av3rs1on - Men ----download---- ----stream----

Skeeter - Pew Pew Pew in the Holy Water ----download---- ----stream----

JeRe - Amenoize ----download---- ----stream----

Dr Blood - Amen Ton Ptit Cul Silope ----download---- ----stream----

Actimel - Halleluja ----download---- ----stream----

Jack Acid - Touched By Thee Hand Ov Sirius ----download---- ----stream----

Geroyche - Amendmend ----download---- ----stream----

Nicholas Starke - Amenalone ----download---- ----stream----

unitedkronos - Blamen ----download---- ----stream----

Nogunri - 1000 Drunken Amens ----download---- ----stream----

Mbst8?? - Minimamen ----download---- ----stream----

Producer Snafu - Amen ----download----